A downloadable game for Windows

Multiplayer Only

Both players adopt measures to defend their own treasure.

Afterwards both players take a shot at getting the other guys treasure.

This repeats indefinitely.

The game is played in 10 second segments.


- Pick and Place With Mouse and Left Mouse Button [LMB]

- Move with WASD or Arrow Keys

Tips for connecting to another player:

  • Both Players need to turn the Firewall off
  • Make sure you are in the same network, like a LAN-Party.
  • Make sure you are in the same subnet.
    • Most of the Time you are on the same subnet if the first three numbers in your IP Addresses are the Same
    • e.g.: and are probably in the same subnet
  • You have to write the IP-address you can see in the other players dropdown in your own textbox.
  • One player has to press "Host", and the other player has to press "Join"
  • You either have to allow the firewall-access-popup or disable your firewall entirely.

Made By:

 Manuel Gut - Coder

Jeremia Auleha - Coder

Debora Aulehla - Artist

Clint Bellanger - https://opengameart.org/content/gold-treasure-icons


KAMPFtomato.zip 26 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download "KAMPFtomato.zip"
  2. Extract "KAMPFtomato.zip"
  3. Start "Kampftomato.exe" on two seperate Computers

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